Puppies born and grow inside our dwelling, so that they can grown in humane environment and puppies can also hear everyday voices of our family. Our goal is to breed dogs according their breed standard. We want them to be required with good character, healthy, right type also good contruction and vitality.
We deliver puppies to new homes when the puppies are seven (7) weeks old.We also see, that the puppies get used to being handled, to travelling, to grooming and caring, such as clipping nails. etc. We feed the puppies as versatile as possible by giving for instance good quality industrial food( for example Royal Canin, Nutra Nuggets.) We  worm the puppies three times and mark them with microchip before delivering.
When the puppies goes to a new home we give with it, in addition to the sale contract, registry book, puppy file in which we have collected dog caring instructions and instruction of taking care of a puppy. We will also be always available at any time of the day via e-mail or mobile phone text message if there is something you want to ask about the puppy or taking care of it.
Check for more information about litter plans of our kennel -> Litter Box - puppy plans
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Typical Hardwood´s puppies
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